Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Don't feed them, they'll only get bigger!
Yup, those are real!
Republicans are people too!

Well, between witnessing the contained chaos of Bryn and Blake’s birthday party, feeling up 22 year old Stacy at Sing Sing’s, royally pissing off Petra with my political views and having a really nice lunch with Peggy, I’d say I had a full vacation. The party was insane! It was exhausting just watching the little demons. Hoards of them came in like an attacking army and relentlessly obliterated all obstacles, leaving only charred remnants in their wake. But they did it in a really cute way. It was actually really fun, bunches of kids almost as cute as my Niece and Nephew running all over having a great time, it was damn funny to watch.

Sing Sing is a dueling piano bar in downtown San Diego; I highly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the area! I’ve been there twice and had a blast both times. As for Stacy, lets just say damn, being single is fun!

On Monday I went to visit some of my buddies at Deutsche Opitk, always a good time seeing those peeps! Then I went to watch Monday Night Football at On the Border with Mike and Petra. The highlight of that was the Hornitos shot girl, DAMN! Then back to Mike and Petra’s for some Austrian beer and some political talk. Which started with Mike trying to convince me to vote for Nader and ended with Petra angrily going to bed. Oh well, I guess my political views are too radical for some.

On Tuesday before I came back to the bay area I had a really nice long lunch with Peg, it was good to sit and talk just her and I, we haven’t done that in a really long time. On a tangent, I really recommend that everyone go out and buy the DVD “This is Spinal Tap”, which I watched on Sunday night after Steve exchanged the Tiger movie that Bryn got for her birthday. It has about an hour of extra footage and a voice over that kept me laughing for the entire move! Just when you think it can get no better, it gets better!

Friday, September 22, 2000

My car sucks!
The speck spews
Anyone need a paper weight

My Friday morning started with my car not starting. Those of you familiar with The Speck know it to be a fine example of automotive engineering, or at least an example of automotive engineering. Ok it’s a bicycle with a roof, but it’s been pretty maintenance free until about two months ago. My little white piece of shit only needs to last another few months, until I get my Miata! But my car is Asian, which makes it a spiteful little bastard, so knowing it’s going to be sold, my car decides to make my life miserable! In the last few months I’ve replaced 1) the brake fluid, 2) fuel filter, 3) fuel pump, 4) stereo, and 5) got a tune up, so of course today it decides to not start. Thankfully I think it’s just the battery, but why now. Why not wait until I’ve after I sold it to some Mexican for $900, so he can deal with it. No instead I have to sink more money into a car I don’t care about. But not even that can get me down, because tomorrow Taylor is waking up a the ass crack of dawn to take me to the airport so I can go to San Diego for my Niece and Nephew’s Birthday!!! Nothing like spending an afternoon with 20 screaming 1-4 year olds. But the rest of the trip will be spent laughing with my brother and getting inebriated with Mike! Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Ok, I’ve succumbed to my hoards of fans and have started a web site. Now the thousands upon thousands of you out there who can’t get enough of Benny can read my thoughts and feelings any time of the day. There will be more soon, so check back!

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