Thursday, December 21, 2000

Why does Christmas have to be so religious? It really should be more commercial! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TOYS!

Hello all! Finally Confessions is back up! After 4 days the blogger boys got the blogspots back up. The official reason given for the outage was: “Errrrrrrrhhh, Duhh.” So that made me feel a little better. At least they had a good reason. Now that you all can get your daily dose of Benny again, the local authorities can stand down from their 24-hour suicide watch. I hope I didn’t lose too many of my fans during the outage.

Well, Christmas is almost upon us and to all my Jewish friends (Joe) Chanukah starts tonight, so Happy Chanukah Joe! My Blitz Krieg of shopping was quite a success. In two days I got almost all my shopping done and I only spent about 4 times what I was planning on spending, so that’s pretty good. It seems they raise the price on all the toasters and fruitcakes if you wait until the last possible second. Right after I finish working, which is not going to happen soon, I’ll be driving down to San Diego for some Christmas festivities with my Fam. Just what I need! A few days off and hanging with the bro!

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Bitch’n Kwanzaa!

Monday, December 11, 2000

I’m still alive
What other colors does this fruitcake come in?

Hello all, I know it’s been too long since my last post, I apologize. Work has been crazy and last week was the culmination of a lot of craziness. But it’s over now and things are getting back to normal somewhat. Jason told me I needed to post something or, because of my last post, people would start to think my esophagus fell out. For all of you who were worried, I still have my esophagus. I’m going to see the doc Thursday so I’ll know more then.

Saturday, Jason and I went surfing and my new board had its maiden voyage. The surf sucked, but it was nice to get out and paddle a little. There is really nothing like surfing to show you how out of shape you are. There are a few pics of the board on the Gallery page, so take a look.

I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet. I’ve been waiting for my raise to kick in. I got a very generous raise when I got promoted (almost 40%) Back on October 1st. But since my work can’t do anything quickly, I’ve been waiting for it to actually show up on my paycheck for two months. Finally it’s here, this Friday I will see my raise and all the backdated dough I’m owed. Schweet! I will quickly run to the mall and embark on a shopping Blitz Krieg. I find it’s much easier to shop this late in the season. You don’t have much time so you work fast and most of the good stuff is gone so you don’t have to debate about what to buy. It’s Fruitcakes and toasters for everyone!

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