Saturday, January 12, 2002

If you don’t buy this, then you’re a terrorist!

There are many industries that try and use patriotic messages in their advertising. Truck commercials are always a montage of sweaty guys building a house or moving a ridiculous volume of rocks then slapping each other on the back. This is backed up by some patriotic music and a grizzled deep voice talking about "America’s Truck." But it seems since September 11 this has gotten a little out of hand. Now, I’m all for patriotism especially in times of national tragedy, I just get a little annoyed when it’s used to try and sell me crap. I know we’re fighting a war, and I know the country is on edge, but I don’t think in times like these buying America’s favorite corn remover is going to help the country or me feel any better. The last thing I want to see with the country in its current state is a commercial showing a collage of the statue of liberty and an instrumental of America the beautiful while some guy says:

“Folks ‘round here they love this land;
They stand by their beliefs;
An’ when they get their feet jacked up;
They want some quick relief.
Buy America’s favorite corn remover!”

What am I going to see next? Blue and white tampons, so the ladies will feel patriotic when they flush?

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Are they crazy or drunk?

Hello Sarah and Mary (Da bomb)! Thanks for the late night drunken phone call, always a good time. Next time I'm in So Cal we'll have to get together, do some drinking and let Sarah whiten our teeth.

To everyone out there who is neither Sarah nor Mary: Don’t ask it’s a long story.

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