Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Just a bad Mel Gibson movie, or the best super power ever?
Why did you boil my bunny?

Life would be so much easier if we could read women’s minds. We’d know when they were mad at us, and what we had done wrong. We’d know when to apologize and what we were apologizing for. We could tell the difference between the “I’m acting like I want to kill you, but really deep down I just need a hug” look. And the “I really want to kill you, and if you dare touch me I will” look. We could tell when pinching their nipple randomly in the car would send them into a psychopathic frenzy. Yes, life would be easier, but alas no, we have to go through life being totally clueless. Having no idea what is going on in that complicated, emotional, and often illogical mind. I’m sure women say that they would like to read our mind too, that life would be easier for them if they could just figure out what we were thinking. But in reality it wouldn’t work that way, if women could read our minds they would never stop slapping us.

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